About us

“Аpostolova&Slavov”Law Partnership is a small size, but approved lawfirm, that provides effectiv and helpful solutions for every type of business and cases.Develops law practice in almost all fields of Private Law with accent Commercial and Real estate law.

“Аpostolova&Slavov”Law Partnership is created by Borislava Apopstolova and Neyko Slavov/ members of Sofia Bar Association/ with headoffice in Sofia, Bulgaria.

“Аpostolova&Slavov”Law Partnership is entered under registration № 23 as of the Register of Sofia Bar Association.


Borislava Apostolova Partner

Partner, born in Svichtov, Bulgaria, graduated high school at Svichtov (1994), and acquired LL.M degree in law at VTU “St.St Cyril and Methodi” University (2000); LL.M degree in EU law at “Humboldt-Universitatet”-Berlin, Germany; from 2004 up to now attorney at law, practicing mainly in the areas of Banking law, Real Estate Law, Commercial Law, Law of EU, Personal data protection etc.

Neyko Slavov Partner

Partner, born in Havana Cuba; graduated the English Language School in Plovdiv (1994); graduated Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in law degree (1999); Practised as  "in -house" corporate lawyer  (1999 - 2002) and as Attorney at law (from 2002 up to now); practicing mainly in the areas of Commercial and Corporate Law and international investment.