Procedures and Templates

Procedure for Establishment of a Limited Liability Company


The procedure for establishment of a Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) is regulated in Chapter 13 of the Commerce Act (art. 113 and following of the CA) and the requirements and the documents for registration with the Company register are supplemented in the Company Register and the Register of the Non-profit Making Entities Act.

The first step is to be adopted Company’s Articles of Associations. The AA are signed by all partners. The AA should contain at least information on:

A sample Ltd.’s Articles of Association can be downloaded Document1

Further, the adoption of the AA should be done at an Establishing Meeting of Shareholders, prior to the company registration. A protocol is drafted, which also should be presented to the Company register. A sample protocol can be downloaded Documen2

For the registration of the Ltd. it is also required that the managing Director/s should sign and get notarized a signature pattern declaration (a sample declaration can be downloaded Document3), the establishing capital to be contributed and to be drafted and signed all other supplementary declarations and documents, arranged with the Commerce Act.

The state tax for registration of the Ltd. company is contributed in advance prior to the registration. The amount is 55 BGN in case the documents for registration are submitted in an office of the Company register and 55 BGN if the documents are submitted online. The details of the bank account of the Company Register are given below:


Bank: Tokuda Bank Plc.

Address: 21 George Washington Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


IBAN: BG36 CREX 9260 3114 5494 01